"Can I go through the house or apt. I'm going to be living in during the summer?  I want to measure the windows for curtains."   
  • Due to safety and liability issues we cannot allow anyone in any property during any non-lease period, such as in the summer.  

"Can I move in early, before the official lease start date?"
  • Unfortunately, the answer is no.  
  • We work on the properties in phases (maintenance, painting, cleaning) on a very strict regimented schedule that we can't deviate from.  It's impossible for us to get one property ready before another.
  • We can only guarantee that all of the properties will be ready on the lease start date.
  • If there is a reason you need to be in Oxford prior to the lease start date, then you will have to make other arrangements. 
  • No matter what the circumstance,  your residence will not be ready until your lease start date. 
  • Keep in mind, you do not have to move-in on the precise lease start date.  You can move-in anytime starting on that date or thereafter.

"Can I store my furniture and some of my belongings in the property I'm going to live in next year?  Also, I bought a bed from a tenant who lived in the house last year, can I keep it there so I can use it in the fall?"  
  • We cannot allow you to store your belongings in the property prior to or after the lease term.  
  • Every property must be completely vacant of belongings during the non-leased period.  
  • It makes it difficult for us to do the work we need to do when items are left in the property.  
  • Any item left in the property will be considered trash and disposed of immediately after move-out unless the resident's of the property signed a renewal lease.

"What qualifies as a renewal lease?"  
  • A renewal lease is when 50% or more of the current tenants will be living in the same property the following school year.  
  • For free, renewal tenants are allowed to store their belongings and live in the property over the summer.  This may be something you want to consider for the next school year.

"What if a roommate does not pay rent, who is responsible for the rent?"
  • Everyone who is currently signed on the lease is responsible for the rent.  It's a joint liability lease so every lessee is jointly and severally liable to all terms of the lease.   If we do not receive all of 1st semester's rent, then we will not issue keys to your residence.

"What happens to the property over the summer?"
  • For new leases (non-renewal leases), the following takes place in your property over the summer.  Where needed, we will perform general maintenance, paint, clean, and have the carpets cleaned.  
  • We will take any requests you may have for your residence into consideration, however we will make the final determination if your residence will receive or needs any improvements or upgrades.  
  • As stated in your lease, you accept the property “as is”, in its current condition, and should not expect anything different other than cleaning, painting, and general maintenance where necessary.


The following information will assist you as you prepare to move into your Park Place Real Estate student rental for the 2018-2019 school year.  We look forward to seeing you this August!      

  • Your lease begins at 9AM on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2018 (Miami begins Monday, August 27, 2018). 
  • Our business hours are 9am-5pm; closed daily from noon-1pm.
  • As stated in your lease, we cannot accommodate early move-ins or tours of the property during the summer no matter what the circumstance.

  • RENT IS DUE JULY 1, 2018.  You will receive a courtesy reminder for your rent payment, however your lease is your official invoice.  Please call our office if you have not received a reminder by June 15th.
  • We accept cash, check, or money order payable to Park Place Real Estate.  We do not have the capabilities to accept credit cards.  
  • Please indicate the address the rent is for on the memo line of your check.  It's not necessary to return the courtesy reminder, you may keep it for your records.
  • If any part of the rent is delinquent, we cannot issue keys or allow anyone to move into the property, even if you paid a portion of the rent.  You signed a joint lease which means everyone on the lease is responsible for the entire rent to be paid in full.  

  • We will accept financial aid (FA) payments as long as we receive written documentation prior to July 1st.  You can either email, fax, or regular mail us written verification that you are receiving financial aid either from Miami University or the financial institution providing you with  FA.
  • For the 1st installment of rent, you must pay at least 40% of your rent by July 1st and then the remaining 60% by September 5, 2018. 
  • For the 2nd installment of rent, you must pay at least 40% of your rent by December 1st and then the remaining 60% by January 15, 2019.

  • To move into your Oxford residence, please designate ONE person on the lease to pick up your keys at our rental office.  This person will receive all of the keys for your residence and a welcome bag containing very important tenant information.  
  • To make it simple, we recommend that you assign the first person that arrives in Oxford to check-in for your group.  You can come anytime during our office hours to pick up your keys.  Our business hours are 9am-5pm; closed daily from noon-1pm.

  • It's required that you PUT THE UTILITY SERVICES FOR YOUR RESIDENCE IN YOUR NAME PRIOR TO MOVE-IN.  If you do not do this, you will not have electric, gas, water, sewer, or trash service for your residence.
  • Please visit our utility guide for company names and phone numbers.

  • Some of our properties require a parking pass from our office to park on the property or assigned parking lot.  It’s your responsibility to register  your vehicle with our office. 
  • If you do not register your vehicle by the first day of classes you risk having your car ticketed or towed. 
  • You must come in person to receive a pass.  In other words, your roommate can’t pick it up for you.  
  • Renewal tenants must re-register because the passes change each year.  

The following properties* require a parking pass from our office:
  • New England Square Apartments - 2 passes per apt.
  • New England Square Townhouses - 5 passes per townhouse
  • 112 Talawanda - 4 passes
  • 114 Talawanda - 4 passes
  • 116 Talawanda - 4 passes
  • 115 N Bishop - 4 passes
  • 417 E Withrow - 4 passes
Contact us at:  (513) 523-2015
[email protected]
Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
closed daily from noon -1pm
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