• For a non-emergency maintenance request, you can submit a work order through this page, email us, or call us at (513) 523-2015.

  • An after hours emergency is a situation in which either the property or the tenant will suffer loss if the situation goes uncorrected until the next business day.  For example – the heat goes out.
  • For an after hours emergency maintenance request, please call (513) 839-0354.  

  • During business hours, please bring an ID to the office in exchange for a temporary key.  When you return the temporary key, we will return your ID.
  • After business hours, you may call our after hours emergency number.  You will be charged $45 for this service.  Do not break-in to your residence.  If you do, you will be charged to repair the damage and the cost of labor.



In the box below, please describe in detail your maintenance request(s).  

Please make sure you indicate the room name and location - for example, 1st floor bathroom or 2nd floor front bedroom.  
You are responsible for the simple upkeep of your residence. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Changing light bulbs.
  • Replacing smoke detector batteries; never leave a detector disabled.
  • Hanging shower curtains & liners.
  • Housekeeping/cleaning.
  • Plunging toilets.
  • Spraying bug spray, setting mouse traps, etc. if needed.
  • Keeping your porch and yard clean and litter free.

  • You should never turn the heat below 65 degrees in the winter months, especially when the property is vacant during breaks.
  • If the heat is turned off and the property's water pipes freeze and burst, you will be billed accordingly. This can be very costly.

  • Do not flush paper towels, facial tissues, cotton swabs, condoms, or feminine hygiene products down the commode.
  • Please keep a plunger on hand to avoid being billed for a service call.
  • If we unclog your plumbing fixture and find it was due to tenant negligence, then you will be billed accordingly.  

  • The purpose of a garbage disposal is to break down very small scraps of food that fall into the drain.  
  • Your garbage disposal can only handle a small amount of waste at a time and it will not function properly if overloaded.  It is not to be used as a garbage can.
  • Do not allow metal, glass, or other non-food items to fall into the sink drain.  
  • If you use your garbage disposal improperly and it must be repaired, you will be charged accordingly.

  • Poor housekeeping is the number #1 cause of pest problems.  
  • Trash (empty beer cans/bottles, etc.) and open food containers left on counters, floors, and furniture attract pests.  Clean up and remove trash regularly, especially after parties.
  • Leaving doors and windows open (without the screens in place) for an extended period of time may cause a pest problem.
  • If we find a pest problem in your residence was caused by tenant negligence, you will be billed accordingly.​
(513) 523-2015
[email protected]

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Closed daily from noon-1pm

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